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Get $20 Bonus for $1 Deposit Playing Craps in Nostalgia Casino

C’est la vie! It’s all become new for casino players. The generation of early ’00s started playing traditional casino games like craps, but online. And Nostalgia Casino was among the first online operators to offer their service on the Internet. And that happened to be in 1999. The play has changed much since then, and online users feel lucky now to experience such a great variety of games from Microgaming there anyway.

But most of the attention is directed at craps, an elite entertainment, which is available in 2 editions: Vegas Craps of 2005 and 1999. So bonus fans, Nostalgia’s 2,000% one is for you! A $1 deposit is a ground (according to Nostalgia casino) for giving you $20 atop. But as customers know, there are also the wagering requirements applied in their terms & conditions.

Online Craps Main Bets Provided by Nostalgia

While you are thinking, let’s examine the dice games offered. The craps entertainment itself has 2 phases: come out and point. But an amount of bets is limitless, almost. You’ll count 12 of them.

The pros told us that craps players still come up to them and talk about main craps bets and their Winning Odds (hereinafter “WOs”). Get ready to take a look at them now and become familiar with their rules.

Multi Roll

Multi roll craps stakes are the bets on an outcome of the series of rolls. There are 6 multi rolls wagers in table craps. Let’s see all the possible results, always blowing gamblers’ minds in the process by cases. We guess it’s a lot to take in, but Microgaming game developer couldn’t make it any easier.

Pass Line

If it rolls 7 or 11, then your odds on the pass line stake – 1:1. Otherwise, when 4 or 10, 5 or 9, 6 or 8, they are 2:1, 3:2 and 6:5 accordingly.

Come Bet

The situation repeats with the “Come Bet”. So we want to compare the results if you refuse to use them. So keep reading to see Don’t Come Bet/Pass Line. The odds alone can surprise you as you read.

Don’t Pass/Come

If it rolls 2, 3 or 12, then your odds on the pass line stake – 1:1 or Tie. Otherwise, when 4 or 10, 5 or 9, 6 or 8, they are 2:1, 2:3 and 5:6 respectively.


You also either place a bet on your win or your loss. By taking a look at the roll’s combination, you can exactly see how WOs changes from 9:5 to 2:1.


Though, Buy bets produce true odds without Nostalgia’s house edge, they are same as Place. However, this time, this is “vig”, short for vigorish, which is the casino’s pure and simple tax on your win.


“Hardways” combinations differ on 4, 10 and 6, 8, depending on the bet type, you get 8 for 1 in the first situation or 10 for 1 WOs on the last 2 hardways’ bets.

One-Roll Winning Bets at Nostalgia Casino

Understandably, you have wins on your brain. One-roll, a wager on an outcome of a roll, winning bets appeared to be very promising for players too. We’ll be examining 6 variations – the field, any craps, hop bet, 2 to 12, 3 to 11 and any 7.

The Field

After 2 or 12 are announced to be rolled, you should be expecting 2:1 WOs. And we definitely know that it is an even-money wager if any other number appears.

Any Craps

If you are up to get 2, 3 or 12, any craps wager will produce you 8 for 1 or 7:1 of odds.

Hop Bet

Do you think the hop bet is a good idea? It is all up to your guess. It gives either 1 or 2 ways win, if you manage to name the right combination of dices’ numbers. It just adds a bit of fun.

2 OR 12

In a case of 2 or 12 rolled, you triggered the Field Bet, so that its payout odds would be correct – 2:1.

3 OR 11

If “ace deuce” or 3 or “YO” which is 11, you get the odds 15:1. This bet is called either Eleven or Craps Three, depending on the shown number.

Any 7

If you get any seven, the WOs will raise up to 5 to 1 (4:1).

Players’ Security by Nostalgia

While we’ve been taking a fast glimpse at the game play rules and one might realize his or her chances on winnings, we thought ahead and prepared the material solely highlighting the website security for online users.

For players’ safety specifically, Nostalgia owners took all possible measures including drawing independent sources like eCogra, gaming commissions and other authorities.

In fact, if you look through next 3 paragraphs, it’ll become clearer that they are very demanding to their clients’ security a lot more than a new customer might think. Take a look back at their real-life best casino approaches below and check the occasions when safeness depends on you.

Gaming Platform Licencing

Get selfie ready to a fair craps play as this website possesses not one but three licenses:

  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • UK Gambling Commission

In fact, you would be right to take your look at eCogra noteworthy games from slots, tables including craps and, unsurprisingly, the latter pays few percents higher than other games.

Financial Protection Provided

Nostalgia uses 128-bit technology for encryption of their users’ information. We also discover other measures taken such as the ssl protocols, which is what helps the operator check your identity when you’re emailing, chatting, and other ways communicating with their staff.

Personal Data Defence

Nowadays, we think the only thing that protects your personal data is the Privacy Policy. Nostalgia just want to tell their users that they won’t go sharing any details, or they will go, and under which circumstances if so. That is truly the only thing all pros check before any sign in.