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Nostalgia Responsible Gambling

For lucky, deeply practical, merry Nostalgia users, gambling remains their #1 pastime. And it happens that problems related to this activity are the point about which many disputes revolve. Our answer to the discussion – responsible gambling acknowledge. We suggest you sift the question to its bottom. Then you’ll become aware of the dangers, our approaches and policy, plus you’ll get familiar with existing measures to take first if you have observed any negative things.

Gambling Risks

Being a trusted online gambling provider, on no account we don’t shrug off our responsibilities of giving a full information on that issue. We recognize a whole bunch of accompanied risks online casinos are put you at. Everyone is familiar with a situation when you go overeating, overexercising and probably overspending. It leads to no good things. Like having too many sweets is a condition that causes dental problems, an uncontrolled betting results into financial and mental troubles.
If sitting still for that, the far-reaching consequences will take place:

  • mood disorder
  • unhealthy obsession
  • depression
  • anxiety

Nostalgia Approach

Looking after our players, Nostalgia drive a transparent responsible gambling policy regarding every aspect, speaking of which come laden with costs and benefits we can’t ignore. There are good and bad sides, as always. But we want to help you get the best out of gambling. Of course, we know that your activity of wagering real cash sums put you at danger, and that crucially ruins the people’s lives in some cases (which you may escape!). So with that we’re here to help the needed out. Our goal is to prevent any addiction. We supply our customers with a required guidance, complete responses, treatment programs along with measures taken.

As for ourselves, Nostalgia take 7 steps towards responsible gambling:

  1. gamblers care
  2. a legal online environment
  3. safety against criminal activities
  4. the underage gaming prevention
  5. privacy
  6. banking protection
  7. responsible gaming marketing

Underage Gambling Policy & Terms

We also follow the “Underage Gambling” policy popular among reliable operators nowadays. First a player may try our games at the age of 18 or over but any younger. However, as a self-described “website for adults” still driven by business practices, laws, influenced by gamblers’ life stories, it wasn’t long before for us to realize the need in providing 3 special services for supporting.


Get acquainted with our contact menu option to take the best opinions on addictive gambling below.

Responsible Playing Directives

Nostalgia Casino commit ourselves to informing our customers about 7 responsible playing directives in addition to a number of regulators, trade associations together with non-profit bodies.
Instead picking a fight with the aftermath of compulsive gambling, follow the following directives:

  1. control bet sizes: daily/monthly
  2. set amount limits you can allow: $50-$1,000
  3. self-exclusion if needed: 24 hour, 3/6 month account freeze
  4. budgeting
  5. timing
  6. deposit/withdrawal history tracking
  7. regular ”Self Assessment Test” passing
  8. cash in and out limits’ setting

We watched a number of bettors’ ruins because of uncontrolled playing and that influenced us very much, in fact, a players’ morale can’t stand up for the problems too. Not before long, we performed training of our operators on that. For an individual answer, you are to reach us by hitting the ”Contact Us” button.