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Download & Play Roulette Online for Fun & Real Cash at Nostalgia Casino

Fun, luck and wins! That is to what Roulette games can lead. Combining the leisure with the simplest rules and entertaining scenario, the players can’t but try all the alternatives. Become a customer of Nostalgia Casino now and open the door to endless amusements and new winning chances.

The Biggest Roulette Winning is Still Waiting for You

Meaning a little wheel, this French game came to us from the 18th century. Actually, the idea of the amusement is clear and simple. There is a wheel with numbers on red or black spots, while the table spins, the Dealer throws a ball and everyone sees whether the orb stops. Those players who chose the place beforehand collect the wins and the next round starts.

Press the “Lucky” Button at Nostalgia Roulette World

Each player will find their own paradise. Roulette and its alternatives are presented by Microgaming not only for your pocket, but also for your soul. Experience the variations with us, and remember that the downloaded version of the casino presents more titles for the customers.

European Table

One green spot with Zero and red and black sections with numbers from 1 to 36 – that is what European alternative of Roulette presents. Place a wager and watch the ball and the wheel spinning in various directions. Once the croupier announces the results, collect the gains and start a new round.

Premier Play

Very close to the European one, this Roulette alternative provides no less entertaining features and rules. Wanna the win details be displayed or not? You can also make up your mind whether to enable the turbo mode, change the table colors, and more. Super high bets are possible here, leading to larger winnings in the end.


Feeling like being an expert? So, why not to combine several wheels into one round? Yeah, there is a resource to have at your disposal up to 8 tables simultaneously. Make eight individual stakes and guess where the balls can land. Oh, waiting for the outcome will be really alarming in this case.

American Roulette

This is the only variant that includes not one but two Zero, one is single and the following is double. Both of them are green and the rest figures are at their places, making in total 38 digits. The variety of bets includes inner and outer ones, just like in numerous other releases of the game kind.

French Gaming

Each player must try the French version of Roulette at least for once. This is the original release that was invented many years ago. The main difference that is seen at the first glance is that the table is not colored. All the numbers are presented with the same green background, and only the wheel sports are as usual.

Online Roulette Wagering Features

Everyone speaks about the places, colors and digits. In fact, everything is not as simple as it seems. There exist several kinds of stakes, which can be placed during the Roulette pastime. Wanna learn them? Go ahead reading!

Inside Nostalgia Bet

Such types of wagers represent the traditional understanding of Roulette bets. You can bet on one certain number, 2, 4 or a line totally. The thing is that you choose fixed figures to come out in the end. Some alternatives include Straight, Split, Corner, Street, and more.

Outside Rate

Instead of choosing one or several digits, you can select a whole group of them. Yeah, this increases the chances to win something, even if the gain is not too big. Even or Odd, Red or Black, Dozen, and other variants are possible to try your fortune. Observe the available options and click one to be yours.

Make the Winnings Closer in Nostalgia Roulette

Being of aware of bets, game kinds and possible options, you should also check out what facilities will help you get closer to winnings here, at Nostalgia Casino. The Roulette game is definitely worth your attention and it can’t but make you love the gameplay. However, we present more point to learn before selecting any title to play for real.

Understanding Basic – Know the Game You Play

In fact, the principles of Roulette are more than easy. The first thing you do when launching any online alternative of the entertainments, is picking a coin value. Depending on various titles, the min and max points can differ. After that, you select a where to wager, and as we have understood you can pick between the inside and outside options.

Have you already placed the stake? That is it! The rest comes with the Dealer’s actions, who spin the wheel and throws the ball. Wait for several moments and you will see whether you can collect the gains or have another try in the following round.

Rely on Strict Strategy

Though numerous people think that Roulette is a game of fortune and you can’t influence on the result in any way, the others use some betting strategies and comes out as winners. Among the most profitable and widely used game plans are Martingale, Reverse Martingale, D’Alembert, Fibonacci and James Bond programs. Various scenarios for various purposes. And what plans do you have?

Roulette Strategies at Nostalgia Casino

So, let us observe the possible tricks in details. Choosing the Martingale strategy, you decide to double your bet each time when losing, while the Reserve version implies the same actions after the wins. D’Alembert says that you are to increase the wager by one when failing and decrease it also by one when succeeding.

Do you like math? Then use the method invented by Fibonacci, which result that the wager should be a combination of the previous two ones. And once you have at least $200 at your disposal, try the James Bond plan, while you place $140 on 19-36 numbers, $50 on low figures and $10 on Zero. According to the theory of probability, you will definitely get your impressive win.